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COAST | Contemporary

Dine on the Shoreline

Nestled in the Port Beach sand dunes sits Perth’s latest venue, COAST. This new seaside tavern came to life in spectacular style in under five months. Clare Ryan writes.

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Space: A Frontier of Design

Western Australia has joined the European Space Agency’s exploration of Mars. Here, Rebecca Gross investigates the influence of outer space on A+D.

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MID | CWID | ContemporaryAU

Learn @ #CWID16

You may think you know what a “design event” is. Well, think again. You’re gonna learn today!

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House B | ContemporaryAU

… and a Little from Column B: Design + Democracy

Representing an impressive step forward in sustainable design thinking, Sandy Anghie and Matthew Crawford Architects’ House B responds thoughtfully to some of the biggest social and ecological problems we’re currently facing. Genevieve Muratore reports.

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FINESPUN | ContemporaryAU

Quieter. Gentler. Simpler.

FINESPUN Architecture’s Mullalyup Weekender serves as a breathtaking reminder that our spaces should reflect the kind of change we’d like to see in our lives. David Conngram writes.

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A Cellar Door with a Personal Touch

Green Door Wines’ cellar door, designed by Archterra’s Paul O’Reilly, has all the robustness, sensuality and spice one might expect from a good bottle of wine. Rebecca Gross writes.

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