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House B | ContemporaryAU

… and a Little from Column B: Design + Democracy

Representing an impressive step forward in sustainable design thinking, Sandy Anghie and Matthew Crawford Architects’ House B responds thoughtfully to some of the biggest social and ecological problems we’re currently facing. Genevieve Muratore reports.

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FINESPUN | ContemporaryAU

Quieter. Gentler. Simpler.

FINESPUN Architecture’s Mullalyup Weekender serves as a breathtaking reminder that our spaces should reflect the kind of change we’d like to see in our lives. David Conngram writes.

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CODA | Tom Fisher House | ContemporaryAU

Design & the Nation’s Shame

How is the A+D community responding to the ever-increasing rate of homelessness in this country? In this extended discussion, David Congram considers what ‘human-centred’ design means at its most fundamental core.

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Great Wall | ContemporaryAU

The Great Wall of WA

Luigi Rosselli Architects recently won a TERRA Award for The Great Wall of WA, an ambitious structure in the Pilbara region. Leanne Amodeo reports on the project’s award-winning form.

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Natural Balance | ContemporaryAU

Natural Balance

Western Australia maintains a unique relationship to the natural world across Australia. For a family of four on the Swan River, nature is not only beautiful but poetic too.

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Gallery House | Craig Steere Architects | ContemporaryAU

Gallery House on The Avenue

Minimal, slimline and dappled in sunlight, Craig Steere Architects take ContemporaryAU on a tour of their Gallery House: an elegant example of blurring the distinction between inside and outside.

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Raising the Barr

A century old brick home in Claremont received a modern and breathtaking renovation inspired by Californian architecture, and the need to reconnect with the outdoors.

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Busselton sanctuary

Located on a semi-rural property in the south-west of WA, this L-shaped abode takes full advantage of the surrounding vista.

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