MAISON&OBJET Paris wrap up

Paris was abuzz with the trends of MAISON&OBJET 2016, bringing a great vibe to the already lively city. Keep reading for Scandinavian Wallpaper & Decor’s trend finds for the coming year.

As always, the Observatoire de la Maison was a highlight of the exhibition, where an extraordinarily curated area with the WILD theme encouraged the discovery of the new Inspirations forum.

The Observatoire was divided in to different design zones including Eclectic, Cosy and Elegant, as well as Hall 7, which was aptly named ‘now! design à vivre’.

“We favourited the Eclectic and Hall 7, which showcased some innovative furniture and lighting designs as well as remarkable fabrics and wallpapers,” says Ann-Louise Lollo Jansson, owner of Scandinavian Wallpaper & Décor. “This area invited us to discover, explore and gather new inspirations: between the threat of disappearance and hope for revival, nature takes over, expressing itself in all its first states, from the wild to the sacred.”

Anne-Louise introduces us to her take on the direction for 2016, and the trends set to take us off the beaten track:

  • The innovation of Scandinavian lighting that uses brass, copper, glass and timber will continue to light the way into 2016 for lights and accessories alike.
  • In contrast to current industrial lighting choices, look forward to seeing the emergence of simple, pure and relaxed lighting fixtures made from bamboo and cotton.
  • Linen, cotton and natural fibers used in fabrics, cushions and accessories are introduced with an emphasis on stone wash and dip dye.
  • WILD introduces us to a diverse collection of marble, stone, concrete and minerals used in everything from wallpaper, fabrics, furniture and homewares in their most raw form.
  • Forms and materials will take on deep tones in 2016. Coals, charcoals and deep burgundys will combine with smoked pinks and smoked blues to infuse our studio.
  • As the year brings nature into our urban spaces, you can expect to be surrounded by everlasting chic and all shades of greens. Be prepared to define your interior and be inspired by woods and nature.

Scandinavian Wallpaper & Décor is excited to introduce brand new fabrics and lighting to its expanding 2016 collection.



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