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COAST | Contemporary

Dine on the Shoreline

Nestled in the Port Beach sand dunes sits Perth’s latest venue, COAST. This new seaside tavern came to life in spectacular style in under five months. Clare Ryan writes.

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Deconstructing the Boys’ Club

Indesign Design Luminary Sue Carr was recently named one of Australia’s most influential women. We chat to the entrepreneur, industry influencer and inspired architect about breaking down barriers in A+D.

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En Pointe

When asked to describe Nijinsky, Artistic Director of the Australian Ballet Company David McAllister sums the intense ballet up with one word: gut-wrenching. Christina Rae reports.

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Space: A Frontier of Design

Western Australia has joined the European Space Agency’s exploration of Mars. Here, Rebecca Gross investigates the influence of outer space on A+D.

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INDE. Awards | Contemporary

So, You Think You Can A+D?

2017 marks the inaugural year of the INDE. AWARDS: Indesign Media’s latest offering to Asia Pacific’s A+D community. But does our industry need another award? YES. Here’s why’

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Engaging Perth: Open Doors to Conversations

Ahead of this weekend’s Open House Perth, Ben G Morgan speaks to Carly Barrett and David Weir about the challenges faced by the city and the opportunities provided by this unique program.

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Caesarstone | Contemporry

Jaime Hayon for Caesarstone: 2017

Last year it was Tom Dixon. The year before that ‘ Nendo’s Oki Sato. This year, Caesarstone’s designer-in-residence is everyone’s favourite quirky Spaniard, Jaime Hayon. Sophia Watson reports.

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It’s Oh So Quiet

Daniel Verlooven, BuzziSpace’s Global Acoustics Ambassador, sits down with Contemporary’s David Congram to talk about what acoustics really means for A+D.

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Arthur G | Ofset | Contemporary

Defining Customisation + Design: Arthur G

We speak a lot about celebrating the possibility of individual customisation. But while market demand continues to rise, Arthur G asks us: are we really putting our money where our mouth is?

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2017: Year of the INDE.Awards

From Contemporary publisher Indesign Media comes INDE. ‘ the new benchmark for design awards in the Asia Pacific. This is a diverse and dynamic corner of the world, and with the INDE.Awards, Asia Pacific recognises its leading work and creative minds on its own terms.

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Sunbrella | ContemporaryAU

Nautical Living: Sunbrella Introduces The Coast Collection by 3Beaches

3Beaches represents a uniquely Australian design collaboration. Joining forces with Sunbrella, their Coast Collection of textiles balances beauty in design with resilience in fabric technology.

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Living Edge | ContemporaryAU

Intelligence and Elegance in Design: Jasper Morrison for Living Edge

Living Edge welcomes Jasper Morrison to their design portfolio: uniting thoughtfulness in design with social responsibility in production.

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