Q&A: Joanna Lamb

Combining elements of art, design, printmaking and painting, Joanna Lamb’s pieces reveal an ongoing exploration of the idea of home.

Name: Joanna Lamb
Occupation: Artist
Location: Perth, Western Australia

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?
I think I’ve known for a very long time. There are artists in the family and I was always very aware of the art we had in our home. There were a lot of drawings by my Dad.

What interests you most about your particular area of expertise?
I trained as a painter but there are so many different approaches to painting and to materials that can be used. I have incorporated collage and other mediums such as Laminex, but my approach is still that of a painter dealing with colour and shape.

What is unique about the way you work?
My work is very much about the way I see things and is a distillation of my understanding of everyday subject matter. My working method incorporates elements of art, design, printmaking and painting as well as the use of different materials that could be considered unique.

What is your favourite material/technique to work with?
Paint is definitely my favourite material but not necessarily how it is used in a traditional sense. I’m really enjoying making painted paper collages at the moment. I use the computer as a drawing tool and I would be lost without that. Saying all that, colour is more important to me than what I use to create it.

Biggest career moment?
Parallel Lives: Australian Painting Today, TarraWarra Biennial, TarraWarra Museum of Art Victoria 2006, The Triumph of Modernism in the Art of Australia curated by Edmund Capon 2015. And a solo show in Singapore in 2014.

Who/what are your top influencers?
Suburbia is my greatest influence, but in terms of artists I would say I continue coming back to Patrick Caulfield, Michael Craig-Martin and Robert MacPherson.

If you could collaborate with anyone on any type of project, who would it be?
An Italian design factory like Alessi to make a functional sculptural object.

Where can people in Perth see your work?
Art Collective WA in Subiaco or online at sullivanstrumpf.com.