A guiding light

High functionality in an impressive modular system, VIGO has the capability of creating a mix of linear and geometric shapes with minimal installation impact.

Created by German lighting design house, Helestra (sister company to the technical Schmitz Leuchten), VIGO is notable for its minimal height installation and ease of planning and assembly.

Unique lighting effects are created through the utilisation of different configurations of the LED linear system that interconnect for a customised design, thanks to a specially designed joinery system that allows 90-degree or T-connection points.

Extremely flexible, VIGO allows easy planning and assemblage through drivers that are either integrated within the system or built into walls or ceilings.

This highly adaptable surface-mounted system is fit with a tailored acrylic satin diffuser, allows a smooth dimming effect for enhancing spaces, and can be operated by the use of remote control.

Remote operations allow switch on and standby, 10-step dimming, pre-set dim levels for 100 percent, 50 percent and 25 percent, and an auto-save function that remembers your most preferred settings for each space.

Ideal for illuminating a mix of spaces in residential and architectural environments, VIGO can is perfect in kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, lobby areas, bedrooms and transit areas.


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