Brody WorkLounge: good for the body, good for the brain

High performance comfort and support brings thoughtful ergonomic design to the lounge posture.

Let’s face it, surrounded the multitude of today’s distractions the ability to focus on work or study is a real challenge.

With an average interruption occurring every 11 minutes, and people taking more than 23 minutes to get back on task, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Introducing the Brody WorkLounge with patented LiveLumbar technology.

Delivering a high-performance workspace in a highly effective footprint, the lounge provides privacy, creates a shelter from distractions, and delivers an enhanced sense of psychological security. Furthermore, an adjustable work surface keeps technology at eye level, reducing neck and shoulder strain.

A smart alternative to enclaves, the Brody WorkLounge transforms underutilised in-between spaces into covetable destinations.


Available at designFARM.