Abey Australia’s latest – the Byron Stone Bath Range – marries a pledge to the environment with ever-sophisticated design.

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Since 1956 Abey Australia has held the front for bringing original and cutting-edge designs to Australia. Defining so much of the Australian design market for almost sixty years, this quality supplier continues to flourish from strength to strength

With a continually growing portfolio of over 1,200 products, Abey’s range is the staggering result of a 60-year commitment to product development, a focus on innovation and never-flagging quality. The latest addition to this impressive line-up – The Byron Stone Bath Range by Gareth Ashton– is currently taking the design world by storm for being lightweight, affordable and easy to install. Carrying Ashton’s characteristic flair for a minimalist European aesthetic inspired by Italian design and culture, the Byron Stone Bath Range is luxurious and graceful – that confidently-quiet touch of elegance we all crave for our homes. Silken to the touch and soft on the eye, the Byron Stone Bath Range is available in two popular sizes that will ensure bathing will be the deluxe experience it ought.

The Byron Stone Bath Range is indicative of Abey Australia’s overarching commitment to sustainability that should always, already, push the envelope for top-tier design.

The Byron Stone Bath, and more from the Gareth Ashton range, is available in Abey Australia’s showrooms across Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

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