The HEM stackable

Touchwood, designed by Hem’s Lars Beller Fjetland, is a beautifully realised wooden stacking chair, crafted to connect us with natural materials.

Born of Lars Beller Fjetland’s belief that humans benefit from interaction with natural materials, Touchwood is a beautiful versatile and welcoming all-wooden stacking chair that adds a touch of nature into everyday life.

The chair arises from designer Lars Beller’s pursuit of creating the ultimate affordable wooden stacking chair, with a harmonious and earthy colour palette of dyed ash wood.

By strategically stripping the chair of any unnecessary components, each remaining part has been given exactly as much love and attention as deserved.

Subtle yet distinct, the chair adds value, beauty and comfort to its surroundings.

Created entirely from ash, the chair is free of any extraneous components, relying solely on its minimal Scandinavian charm to draw the eye. The subtly curved seat provides the comfort.

Touchwood is available in various colors and is stackable.

Lars Beller Fjetland grew up on the west coast of Norway, where his enthusiasm for design was matched by a fascination with nature.

Fjetland’s work is shaped by those two qualities, marrying traditional Scandinavian design with the random beauty of nature.

Inspired by the flotsam and jetsam washed ashore near the Norwegian town of Øygarden, his series epitomises his approach.


HEM is distributed exclusively in Australia through DISTRICT.