Grecian inspiration for FENIX NTM’s new colours

Introduced at Interzum 2015 in Cologne, Germany, four new colours provide architects and designers with more design freedom.

Inspired by the tones of nature, Arpa Industriale put great care into the extension of FENIX NTM’s colour selection.

Evoking the pristine characteristics of the Greek islands landscape, the addition of 0032 Bianco Kos means FENIX NTM is now available in three tones of white.

The extension of the grey tone range also sees the addition of 0724 Grigio Bromo, inspired by volcanic ashes, and 0725 Grigio Efeso, which recalls the remains of the ancient Greek city. And finally, the new 2638 Titanio Doha captures the very essence of pearls.

“The long-lasting knowledge of the acrylic resin in the Electron Beam cured surface, together with the utilisation of nanoparticles, has granted FENIX NTM its way to success in more than 60 countries where it is currently being sold,” said Stefano Mion, CEO of Arpa Industriale.

The use of nanotechnology allows FENIX NTM to regenerate itself, where possible micro scratches may be thermally healed.

The product is also highly resistant to abrasion, rubbing, dry heat, impacts, acid solvents and household agents. The waterproof and mould-free surface also features enhanced antibacterial properties.


Available at GBI.