Nautical Living: Sunbrella Introduces The Coast Collection by 3Beaches

3Beaches represents a uniquely Australian design collaboration. Joining forces with Sunbrella, their Coast Collection of textiles balances beauty in design with resilience in fabric technology.

Speaking so much to our hankering for those long, languid December afternoons – the warm sunshine on the back of our necks, the scent of sea-salt on the breeze – Sunbrella‘s latest Coast Collection from 3Beaches draws its inspiration from the natural beauty of coastal living. In keeping with Sunbrella’s commitment to providing fabrics that will brave tomorrow, the textiles of Coast Collection adhere to the rigorous research and development principles of engineering for robust performance characteristics. Akin to the rest of Sunbrella’s enormous portfolio of brands and textile products, the Coast Collection is resistant to fading, degradation, sunlight and chemical exposure.

But technical performance is merely one aspect of 3Beaches’ Coast Collection. In what is truly a local success story, 3Beaches is an award-winning team of Australian designers: Sonya Romeo, Michelle McCracken and Niamh Brennan. Due to their mutual collaborative efforts on each of the designs, the collection represents the interweaving of their distinct idiosyncratic inspirations from every corner of the globe.

Savvy design-aficionados will note references to the Flemish palette of opalescent whites and rich navy; others may note the characteristic tonal scheme and motifs of upstate New York; and others, again, won’t be able to look past the carefree Sicilian attitude of relaxation and understated luxury. Meanwhile, Coast Collection remains unmistakably Australian in its celebration of a lifestyle that cherishes the outdoors.

According to Niamh Brennan, this Australian orientation to our outdoors lifestyle heavily informed the collection’s development. “[M]odern design invites the outdoors inside, so we set out to create durable yet luxurious and unique fabrics that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications to create stylish sanctuaries”.

While the Australian coastal environment can be notoriously harsh, it is clear that balancing resilience in technology with beauty in design is no small feat. Michelle McCracken considers the 3Beaches designers’ depth  of experience as a key element to the curatorial aspects of the Coast Collection. According to McCracken, “years of designing and building properties close to the ocean has taught me the importance of selecting products that can handle the Australian climate”, a sentiment echoed equally by Sonya Romeo: “as a team we understand the importance of style, undeniable quality and attention to detail”.

While 3Beaches’ Coast Collection so evidently reflects the designers’ extensive experience in development, interior design, outdoor living, commercial spaces and textiles, its incorporation in the Sunbrella family of designs is entirely in keeping with every single yard of Sunbrella fabrics and products: the outcome of a global support team committed to producing only the most exceptional in performance textiles.