The new face of brick

A designer home in Perry Lakes reveals why the aesthetic of bricks is fast gaining popularity in residential and commercial design projects.

These days, bricks and pavers can be used for much more than just walls and paths. Take for example this beautiful Perry Lakes home, where bricks have been introduced as a key element to achieve the look and character of a contemporary 1960’s theme.

“We wanted to use brick in our landscape to draw inspiration from the ‘60s,” says Kris McGillivray, Managing Director of Austurban Homes. “Bricks and pavers offer a palette of colours and textures like few other products. You can get really creative, particularly with something like the Midland Brick range.”

According to Midland Brick’s Product Development Manager, Alf D’Angelo, the raw texture and earthy tones of bricks gives any project a stylistic edge, as well as the ability to create areas of light and shade, and foreground and background from the play with sunlight.

“Solid Copper Pearl face bricks were a natural winner when it came to choosing the right materials for brickworks in these wall features,” says Alf. “With clean, contemporary lines and even monochromatic colour, these bricks added individuality and flare to the project.”


Midland Brick

Austurban Homes