Claremont design ahead of its time

A contemporary design specific to its site and context, this home is the result of a forward-thinking approach that utilises light and orientation to maximise the amenity of a small lot.

Wanting to maximise the floor area of this 390sqm site, the clients saw the corner location as an opportunity for something different, something quite flamboyant even.

The product of design architect Michael Patroni of Space Agency, the home was completed in 2006 yet still stands as an exceptional example of forward-thinking design. It could easily have been completed just yesterday.

Located close to the river, opposite a busy grammar school and a private hospital, the site has an almost urban context.

With an inverted plan over four levels, the home consists bedrooms on the ground floor, and the living, outdoor terrace and pool on the first floor with access to a roof garden above.

The home was envisaged as a chest of drawers, with the outdoor terrace on the first floor imagined as a drawer that has been opened to the north.

“The design responds to the site conditions by elevating the main living and outdoor spaces to the first level, with a north facing courtyard with pool,” says Space Agency architect Dimmity Walker. “It also creates a spacious basement living area with a light court to separate these areas from the street condition.”

The ‘chest of drawers’ imagery is explored in the composition of the two street elevations where large areas of solid wall on one elevation become extensive glazing on the other.

The timber battened privacy screen to the terrace is suggestive of the ‘pulled out drawer’, and opalescent glass and translucent blinds are used for privacy but still allow ample natural illumination.

North facing kitchen, living and outdoor spaces offer views of surrounding tree canopy through floor-to-ceiling windows, which welcome an abundance of natural light.

“The composition of the massing and screening characterises the house,” explains Dimmity. “There are also some flamboyant elements like the glazed end to the pool, which adds a sense of fun and engagement. The roof garden provides additional garden space and river glimpses.”

The roof garden not only provides outdoor amenity, but also a positive environmental feature whereby planting helps to reduce reflected heat and insulates the space below.

The largely white interior provides an excellent backdrop to contemporary furnishings, as seen here with selections from Mobilia.


Space Agency