Connect(us): the synergy between light and environment

The new Kings Square redevelopment in Perth CBD is home to a stunning 110m long suspended sculpture by renowned Australian artist Warren Langley and industrial designer Trent Baker.

With more than 30 years’ experience in conceiving and delivering site-specific public artworks for government, corporate and private clients both in Australia and overseas, Warren Langley’s works often blur the boundaries between sculpture, architecture and engineering.

Teaming up with industrial designer Trent Baker, the duo has created Connect(us) – a bold, blade-like suspended form with an inner concealed sustainable light force.

The purpose-moulded polyethylene and modular forms extend Warren’s interest in ‘light as volume’. The light source in the light-transmitting, translucent skin effectively uses light to generate form, and evokes the sense of pedestrian movement through the space. It speaks of the connectivity between the inner city precinct and the nearby suburban areas that encircle the CBD, like jewels in a necklace.

Subtle colour shifts see the structure transform from yellow by day to the ochres and rusty reds of the Western Australian landscape by night.

“The artwork undergoes these colour transitions in response to changes in the ambient light, such as season, shadow, angle of sunlight, sky condition or even the passing of a cloud, causing the artwork to “blush”,” says Warren. “In this sense the artwork is forever interacting with its surroundings, rendering it truly site-specific and experiential.”

The project was commissioned by Leighton Properties, Dexus Property Group, Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, and the City of Perth, and is located in Kings Square within the $5.2 billion Perth City Link precinct.

Upcoming projects for Warren include new works for a private collector in Manila, and in North Sydney and Kansas, USA.

Artist Warren Langley Project Manager Trent Baker Structural Engineers Harry Partridge and Niki Akbari


Warren Langley

Trent Baker – Armature Design Support

Photography: Trent Baker