Kings Square: design reveal

The project reflects where Perth is at; a city that is in a critical stage of development and is beginning to embrace the true aspiration of a living city.

Central to the business, cultural and entertainment precincts of the city, and spanning a site area of 6910sqm, the proposed Kings Square residential development designed by Woods Bagot consists 563 apartments in two towers of 42 and 48 levels respectively.

The towers rise out of a podium of four to six levels that houses retail at the ground level and car parking above.

Integrated retail and food and beverage edges will provide amenity for residents and visitors, and it’s this critical mix of day and night population that is envisaged to bring a vibrant urban atmosphere to the city.

The towers are set back from the public realm on the three street frontages.

“These quite deliberate steps are further accentuated by landscaping on levels four and six, which in turn also allows the landscaping at the ground plane to visually flow up the scale of the building,” explains Woods Bagot design principal Alf Seeling. “Additionally the pool deck at level eight is heavily planted, providing a beautiful outdoor area for residents and their guests.”

The overall aesthetic of the two buildings incorporates a curvature that is decidedly different from its commercial hard-edged curtain walled neighbours. This form is reinforced by accentuating the floor banding as slab edges and is sinuously enhanced by allowing the floor expression to flow into a deeper or wider element around the building. Reinforcing visual continuity, the design manages practical solar impacts by providing shade to the north facades and more solid elements to the east and west.

“The solid expression of the building uses a material suggestive of Limestone, which is the geological base for the whole of Perth. It’s a material that has a warmth and solidity that together with timber and bronze tones will contrast against the surrounding workplace environment,” Alf said.

The site is well connected to both rail and bus transport, and will provide residents with the ability to work, rest and play in a walkable environment.

The project is due for completion in 2018.


Woods Bagot