Wide open spaces

The new MJA Studio office is a refreshing reminder that the workplace can be comfortable and fun.

Occupying one half of the first floor of a recently completed complex in Subiaco, MJA Studio successfully created a thriving workplace for employees.

a�?We work in a very collaborative environment so we needed an open plan, which created opportunities for a variety of informal meeting spaces both inside and out,a�? says MJA Studioa��s Jimmy Thompson. a�?We also needed beer on tap and a serious coffee machine.a�?

Awarded by the council for its sensitive design approach to its renovation and addition, the single story heritage building is a mixed use development with the design supporting the geometry of the neighboring building.

a�?The external fabric of the building references the heritage period of the existing building and glazed tiles are used extensively. We have carried these through internally to a new reception desk that we designed,a�? says Jimmy.

The space was stripped of applied surfaces, creating a raw canvas to work with. Acoustic installation is concealed with cable trays and act as a growing frame for indoor plants, which feature throughout the space and were chosen to remove toxins from any new building products.

Jimmy says the plan was to build the majority of the fitout using cable trays as an experimental building product.

a�?The boardroom was to be our black powder coated a�?colander of silencea�� but on the day the cable trays were to be delivered, there was a sheepish call from the supplier admitting that they were never made,a�? he says.

With only two weeks until the move, the decision was made to clad the boardroom with a material that was available at Bunnings.

a�?We created an opaque polycarbonate lightbox. In the end we were so happy with this unexpected outcome because of the reflectivity of the polycarbonate you get this ever-changing sheen which animates the room.a�?

MJAa��s nimble decisions around minor setbacks resulted in a space that successfully used minimal wastage while embracing a modern and welcoming aesthetic.

CFC Tops James Hardie Powder Coat Black Table Frames Diverse Metals Boardroom Counter Top Raw Edge Furniture Stainless Kitchen Benchtop Practical Products Workstations Interia Systems LED Strip Lighting Think Lighting Acoustic Ceiling Panels (to boardroom) Covrd Sheer Curtains Beachside Curtains Sisal Flooring to Boardroom Floors Natural Grinding and Sealing of Concrete Floor Hawk


MJA Studio

Photography: Jimmy Thompson