Deco dream

Home of Joe Chindarsi of Chindarsi Architects, Union Street Residence is a cross between a saw-tooth warehouse and an art-deco bungalow, blurring the lines between industrial and residential.

The North Perth home sits on a 207sqm sub-divided portion of the backyard of a c.1928 transition Indian-Californian bungalow.

Created from a desire for a beautiful home integrated with local context, it is environmentally sensitive and requires minimal maintenance.

a�?I would have to say that it was much more difficult designing my own home compared with designing for a client, as I was much more questioning and self-critical with each of the design decisions,a�? says Joe Chindarsi. a�?I was also developing a new language of materials that I hadna��t really tried before, so there was a lot of design experimenting going on in terms of the geometries within the home and references to the Deco era.a�?

Sculpted roof forms scoop in light and air, whilst providing a north-facing roof area for harvesting solar energy.

The shard-like forms echo back to Deco-Era Expressionism, evident in the use of angled zig-zag and chevron patterns, which sought a break from the past to reflect a new modernity.

Through consideration of natural light, material selection, and ESD design principles, the home is not only physically comfortable to live in; ita��s also financially sustainable for the future.

a�?Ia��ve used a fair bit of reverse brick-veneer construction, which is ideal in Pertha��s climate from a thermal performance perspective,a�? explains Joe.

The floors were a result of an issue with the laying of concrete, which ended up uneven and unsuitable for traditional polishing. By putting a leveling compound over it and then a cementitious coating on top, the result is exactly what Jo wanted. a�?The simple steel-trowelled concrete finish gives a lovely movement and softness in appearance, which has turned out even better than the intended original finish.a�?

The home offers a lovely contrast between commercial finishes such as concrete, stack-bonded brickwork and stainless steel and more residential finishes such as timber and stone.

Layered over this is deco-era decorative elements and finishes such as Japan Black oiled timber, triangular brass mosaics, and laser-cut screens that pick up on the beautiful lead-light patterning in the window of the neighbouring original home.


Chindarsi Architects

Photography: Dion Robeson