What’s all the FLUX about?

Perth’s groundbreaking space in the CBD, lead by Spacecubed and property group Hawaiian, is set to change the way we work.

When a project like FLUX rises in the heart of the CBD, it’s a sign of an exciting future for Western Australian businesses.

The new co-working space has come to life after popular social enterprise Spacecubed discovered an increasing demand for co-working spaces where businesses (from lawyers to yoga instructors) can grow, collaborate and network.

Brodie McCulloch from Spacecubed says that 40 per cent of Australians will be self-employed by 2020.

“This means a vast majority of the population will work when they want, where they want all enabled through technology,” he says. “We are seeing changes in the way not just smaller organisations work but also larger organisations, who are focused on environments that allow them and their staff to best achieve their goals.”

“FLUX provides a range of industry and technology specific spaces with the CORE Resources Innovation Hub located on the ground floor to provide opportunities for collaboration between Entrepreneurs working on resources industry opportunities and Industry looking for new ideas to address some of their challenges in new ways.”

The space allows any creative from any industry to become a member and be involved with Spacecubed’s supporting network of over 700 entrepreneurs and innovators.

Architects from IA Group and Attic Salt, in collaboration with interior designer Gabrielle Scott, have been responsible for bringing the 1400spm space to life.

The architects jointly describe the design language of the space as “clean, industrial, colourful and comfortable.”

The three levels boast a hot desk system, communal kitchen, terrace, small offices, larger rooms for specialist consulting teams and large breakout areas.

“The design intent was hinged on movement, visibility, light and sharing,” says interior designer Gabrielle Scott. “This translates to large communal spaces, the encouragement of moving from floor to floor to socialise, floor to ceiling glazing, high-end thoughtfully considered furniture from local designers, natural light and large scale artwork.”

Visual artists Jae Criddle and Max Richards are involved, as well as Australian furniture designers Dowel Jones, Coco Flip, Justin Hutchinson and Dunk n Wagnell.

Gabrielle says that co-working spaces are often targeted at creative industries, sole traders or part-time workers, whereas FLUX offers something more sharp and professional.

“A contemporary workplace with a CBD address that the tenants are proud to bring clients to. It’s a brand new office environment for many, but with all the corporate comforts, if that’s your vibe. It’s a high-end offering,” she says.

FLUX is located at 191 St Georges Terrace.


Photography: Dion Photography