Arthur G does #CWID16

Arthur G opened their doors for #CWID16 with a breathtaking facelift thanks to Steve Cordony. Throughout the day, we were treated to simply the best and brightest in A+D today.

Synonymous with sophisticated levity and discreet luxury, Arthur G has been championing the qualities of fine craftsmanship and local design since day one back in 1979. Leonard Georgopoulos, now at the helm of Arthur G, sees this  their 36th year in the game – as the continuation of “[o]ur attention to detail marrying seamlessly with our desire to fulfil design specifications to perfection”.

For Contemporary Wine In Design earlier this month, the team at Arthur G enlisted the help of one of the East Coast’s premier stylists to bring their showroom to life. Steve Cordony breathed contemporary elegance and a laid-back ease to the space, providing an incredible backdrop to showcase the Arthur G portfolio. Without a doubt, the Arthur G showroom was the showstopper of the day: floral arrangements and plants in every corner drew the eye (and the camera!) making many envious, and many more inspired, to bring a little of the outside, indoors.

But perhaps one of the lasting memories of the day happened right when they opened their doors. Coffee in hand, seeking respite from a little bit of rain (which, thank heavens, cleared up before too long!), a crowd of sixty-strong A+D lovers assembled in the showroom – perched on every single seat, bench, stool and step – to listen to the inaugural #CWID panel discussion: East v West. Thanks to David Weir, Steve Cordony and Richard Misso, every detail of East Coast and West Coast design was brought to the table, dissected and analysed. The verdict? … Well, there wasn’t one. And that’s the point! The East and West Coasts do things differently, so let’s celebrate that richness of diversity.

Contemporary would like to thank the team at Arthur G for helping bring to Perth one of the biggest design events of the year. Congratulations guys! Until next time.

Arthur G