CDK Stone + Furniture Options + Lighting Options do #CWID16

CDK Stone, Lighting Options Australia and Furniture Options all teamed up to wow Perth for Contemporary Wine In Design 2016.

It was almost impossible to walk around the #CWID16 After-a-Fair Wrap Party without being stopped every so often to be shown a picture on someone’s phone – and it was always the same one: a lighting installation that represented a football match. From the brains behind Lighting Options Australia, what might have been a bit of fun actually made quite a splash indeed! Throughout the day for Contemporary Wine In Design, the teams at Lighting Options Australia, CDK Stone and Furniture Options united to cover all the latest in lighting, furnishing and stone design for visitors to the Perth showroom.

The star of CWID for CDK Stone is undoubtedly the incredibly popular and incredibly jaw-dropping Neolith range from Spanish manufacturer The Size, realised beautifully here in display by Jorgen Hansen. Renowned for protracted durability and its user-friendly (but, mainly very impressive) larger format, Neolith reduces the amount of wastage and joint lines. In situ, however, home-owners, bar-owners (in fact – the entire hospitality industry!) can’t get enough of Neolith and its scratch-, heat- and stain-resistant properties that allows benchtops to stand the test of time.

Meanwhile, Furniture Options reinvigorated everyone in the late afternoon after what was surely a very tiring and inspiring day. As we all strolled around the showroom, soaking in the latest arrivals to their portfolio of designs while we also soaked in the latest in fine wine (cheers guys!), you couldn’t help stealing a second for yourself to sit down and take any one of their incredible offerings for a test-drive. From the residential to commercial, hospitality to hotel, in fact just any sector you can put a finger on, Furniture Options carry a comprehensive and exhaustive range of top-quality furnishing options which the team presented earlier that day during their presentation Furniture and Design.

Speaking to a full-house, the Lighting Options team presented ERCO: The Language of Light, illustrating that for this young and progressive lighting importer and distributor operating out of Perth, the core of a strong brand service lies in the curation of the leading brands in the industry. Specifying options and solutions that are just the perfect fit for every and all of our very bold and individual project requirements, their success story stems form understanding that products need to have as much distinction and personality as the individuals which use them.

Contemporary would like to thank the teams at CDK Stone, Furniture Options and Lighting Options Australia for helping bring to Perth one of the biggest and best design events of the year.

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