CWID Spotlight: Artedomus, Official Exhibitor

Contemporary is proud to announce that Artedomus is an Official Exhibitor at Contemporary Wine In Design, this October 15th.

Since the mid 1980s, the team at Artedomus have been at the vanguard of unique, high quality stone tiles, architectural surfaces, bathware and furniture for any architectural project in the commercial or residential sector. This uncompromising versatility coupled with a vigilant attitude toward curation has seen their suite of simplified products become the touchstone for the leading lights of A+D Australia-wide.

As such, Contemporary is excited to announce that Team Artedomus will be joining forces with us for Contemporary Wine In Design this October 15th.

For CWID’s inaugural event, Artedomus will be featuring the latest designs from Agape, Italy – currently famed for Patricia Urquiola’s stunning Cuna Bath, praised at this year’s Salon del Mobile.

Founded with the intent to create new ways of interpreting the bathroom, Agape sets a benchmark for up-to-the-minute Italian furniture design. For more than 40 years Agape has lead the way in the evolution of the bathroom from purely functional space to the home’s centre of relaxation, escape and wellbeing.

With a passion for quality and innovation, Agape has collaborated with leading architects and industrial designers to produce pieces already heralded as design classics, including: the Spoon bath by Benedini Associati; Vieques bathtub by Patricia Urquiola; and DR Bathtub by Marcio Kogan, Studio Mk27 and Mariana Ruzante.

Team Artedomus will treat attendees to Contemporary Wine In Design to the exclusive launch of Agape’s latest:

Cuna Bath by Patricia Urquiola

Designed by Patricia Urquiola, the beautifully curved and compact Cuna bathtub is the result of a deep knowledge of materials and production processes skillfully employed to express a delicate and feminine aesthetic. Cuna features a thermoformed Solid Surface supported by an exposed tubular steel structure and is available in various combinations of colours and finishes, including custom colours.

The Sen System & Accessories by Gwenael Nicolas of Curiosity

Nicolas Gwenael of Curiosity and Japanese marketing expert Reiko Miyamoto designed the Sen system as an expression of Eastern spirit and Western technology. Crafted from striking black-brushed aluminium, Sen incorporates multiple functions in a line of independent components that can be freely combined. The Sen system includes wall-mounted taps, a flexible hand shower, a shower column, surface-mounted taps and floor-mounted spouts, as well as a range of accessories including a soap dispenser and towel holder.

Artedomus has been the exclusive supplier of Agape in Australia for more than 10 years. This exquisite bathware collection has been selected to complement the unique Artedomus range of stone, tiles and architectural surfaces.

Along with the biggest names in A+D today, the most controversial issues we’re currently facing, and all the latest and greatest in product design and innovation, be sure to register your attendance at Contemporary Wine In Design here.