CWID Spotlight: Arthur G

Synonymous with sophisticated levity and discreet luxury, Arthur G has been championing the qualities of fine craftsmanship and local design since day one back in 1979. Then under the vigilant direction of Arthur Georgopoulos, Arthur G today is celebrating over 36 years in design as they enter an exciting period of new growth and inspired product development. Leonard Georgopoulos, now at the helm of Arthur G, sees this new frontier as a continuation of a distinguished pedigree: “[o]ur attention to detail marries seamlessly with our desire to fulfil design specifications to perfection, and where we not only make to order, but also welcome individual customisation”.

For over 36 years, Arthur G has remained firmly dedicated to uncompromising manufacturing standards and only the best in Australian design. As such, Contemporary is proud to announce that Arthur G is an Official Exhibitor at Contemporary Wine In Design, this October 15th.

In a world of mass manufacture, throwaway culture and extremely fast moving consumption, Arthur G stands for something more tangible: the distinction between craft and finish over speed and volume, of quality over quantity, of the individual over the trend, and of the timeless over the ephemeral.

Launching a suite of their newest designs at Contemporary Wine In Design: the Phoenix, Dawson Modular, Roxy Chair and Roxy Sofa (featured above), these latest arrivals follow in Arthur G’s unmistakable orientation to the responsibility and importance of design in our lives.

Beyond the new designs being showcased on the day, Team Arthur G will also be championing local art throughout their showroom, for punters to enjoy alongside a spread of local produce and fine WA wines. With the assistance of Steve Cordony, the reimagined Arthur G Claremont Showroom will be unveiled in time to kick Contemporary Wine In Design off with our inaugural panel discussion East v West:

Design discussion often throws the words ‘collaboration’ and ‘co-operation’ around a little too recklessly. In Western Australia, the word ‘competition’ should be added to the mix. The focus and hype around A+D in this country is undeniably skewed in favour of the East Coast. But what does the West do differently? What is the distinction between the two orientations toward design? What can we learn?

With Richard Misso of StyleSmiths, David Weir of David Weir Architects and Contemporary’s own David Congram weighing in on the debate, you certainly do not want to miss out popping in to Arthur G on October 15th to get amongst it all.

With full CPD accreditation, the biggest names in A+D today, and the most controversial issues we’re currently facing, be sure to register your attendance at Contemporary Wine In Design here.

Arthur G

Photography by Nicole England.