CWID Spotlight: District, Official Exhibitor

Contemporary is proud to announce that District is joining forces with Contemporary Wine In Design, this October 15th.

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By its very definition, ‘district’ is specialised: a designated area, a space carved our for specific answers and unerring solutions, a place where visions come to life. The vision of the team at District in Perth is to help anyone make beautiful worlds through their pin-point accurate understanding of interior spaces and the never-ending creative possibilities at the fingertips of designers around the globe.

For this renowned furniture studio the key to delivering success lies in the careful direction of their curatorial team. Sourcing only the best in design from across the glove, District is truly a leading light in creating and supplying absolutely individual interior environments in many applications from commercial, hospitality and residential. Recognised across Australia as an invaluable resource for designers looking to create spaces that respond to our ever-changing desires and habits, District’s clientele are treated to an unerringly holistic brand service.

Contemporary is proud to announce that District will be joining Contemporary Wine In Design this October 15th as an Official Exhibitor.

This year commemorating the fifth birthday of Resident, Team District are celebrating the authentic blending of craft, engineering and innovation that is at the crux of a refined collection of furniture and lighting. Established in 2011, Resident is both eclectic and select: drawing from a diverse pool of design inspiration, choreographed by only the top-end of A+D today, the finest materials and most innovative production methods.

To find out more about what District and the rest of our exhibitors and partners are up to all over Perth, register your interest to attend Contemporary Wine In Design now.