CWID Spotlight: Lighting Options Australia

Contemporary is excited to announce Lighting Options Australia as an Official Exhibitor at Contemporary Wine In Design, this October 15th.

Lighting Options Australia | CWID

A bold vision, unwavering dedication, passion equalled by no other, and a degree of service that is beyond impeccable – such is why Lighting Options Australia have been at the front of the lighting and electrical scene in Australia’s A+D community.

For this young and progressive lighting importer and distributor operating out of Perth, the core of a strong brand service lies in their curation of the leading brands in the industry. Specifying options and solutions that are just the perfect fit for every and all of our very bold and individual project requirements, their success story stems form understanding that products need to have as much distinction and personality as the individuals which use them.

Be it either hospitality or retail, interior or exterior, the team at Lighting Options Australia work closely wit engineers, architects, project managers, lighting designers and interiors designers from project concept right through to delivery.

With such an devout respect in the A+D community Asia Pacific-wide, Contemporary is excited to announce that Lighting Options Australia is an Official Exhibitor at Contemporary Wine In Design this October 15th.

To find out more about what Lighting Options Australia and the rest of exhibitors and partners are up to all over Perth, register your interest to attend Contemporary Wine In Design now.

Lighting Options Australia