CWID Spotlight: Stem & Stamen, Official Exhibitor

Contemporary is proud to announce that Stem & Stamen have joined forces with Contemporary Wine In Design as an Official Exhibitor, this October 15th.

Stem & Stamen | ContemporaryAU

One of the most exciting developments in contemporary aesthetics is the sudden return of the Romantic. The capital-R is important. At the end of the Eighteenth Century, the Romantic imagination was enraptured by nature’s unfettered, unaffected, intrinsic beauty. Suddenly across Europe we see the formal geometries of the (by now, moribund) Baroque relax; the frivolous excesses of the Rococo pare away; and the stately symmetries of Neo-Classicism secede to the familiar warmth of humility and provincial simplicities.

Today, the Romantic aegis is back in full swing. Valuing the shared economy, the artisanal process, the inherent value of the locally-made and locally-consumed produce (design or otherwise) echoes so closely with that of our forebears over 200 years ago. However, as far as a formal aesthetic language goes, so too are we seeing the return of the Romantic leitmotif: of nature in its rampant artistry, of simple unrefined materiality – largely, of bringing the outside, in.

As part of the city-wide celebration of all things A+D at Contemporary Wine In Design, this October 15th, we are excited to announce that Stem & Stamen will be exhibiting a live verdant installation at the After-a-Fair, Official Contemporary Wine In Design Wrap Party. Hosted by FORM.’s The Goods Shed, the space will be brought alive with finely wrought hanging gardens of delicate ferns and floral installations, interlaced with twinkling luminaires.

Speaking so much to the Romantic spirit that cherishes the soft, understated beauty of unaffected nature, Stem & Stamen is bringing us a new take on what ‘design’ can actually encompass: a piece of art that is, essentially, constantly changing – that is, constantly re-designing itself.

Stem & Stamen provides interior landscaping solutions using preserved plants.  Importing the highest quality ferns, moss and palms from Europe and South America their desingers combine these to produce preserved greenwalls, hanging gardens, garden installations, and trees for interior spaces.

Their ferns and moss are harvested from farms throughout Europe and Columbia, where they are picked in their prime and preserved. The preservation process takes up to a week to reach the optimum aesthetic and longevity, and natural texture soft and supple.

With a strong focus on environmental conservation and indoor air quality, Stem & Stamen stands for products carrying a unique aesthetic and peace of mind. We invite you to discuss your next project with us. Against the backdrop of local contemporary art from FORM.’s incredible collection, the refined sensibility of modernity’s best jazz musicians, the smoothest in locally distilled whiskeys thanks to Whipper Snapper Distillery, the teams at FORM., Whipper Snapper and Stem & Stamen are joining forces to ignite every single one of your senses.

Prepare yourself for a night of pure indulgence, and get you hands on your pass to the Contemporary Wine In Design After-a-Fair here.


Stem & Stamen