District does #CWID16

Want to know what District got up to for Contemporary Wine In Design? Look no further! Here’s the low-down.

This year marks the fifth birthday of Resident: a furnishing and lighting collection that stands for the authentic blending of craft, engineering and innovation. Established in 2011, Resident is both eclectic and select: drawing from a diverse pool of design inspiration, choreographed by only the top-end of A+D today, the finest materials and most innovative production methods.

At District for Contemporary Wine In Design, it was all about celebrating Resident – and the party could not have been better! Punters enjoyed their own private audio tour around the incredible showroom, alighting at key junctures to either steal a closeup inspection of a Resident masterpiece, or grab themselves some much deserved doughnuts to chase down that champagne. In what was truly one of the most inspired reinterpretations of the showroom space around Perth for #CWID16, the team at District proved that the secret to delivering success lies in the careful curation of their portfolio.

Recognised across Australia as an invaluable resource for designers looking to create spaces that respond to our ever-changing desires and habits, District’s visitors on the day were treated to a sneak peek at what it means to bring brand knowledge and brand service together in equal measure.

Contemporary would (firstly) like to wish Resident a happy 5th birthday! And (secondly) would like to thank District for helping bring the latest and greatest in A+D to Perth for Contemporary Wine In Design. Well done guys!